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Behind Blue Eyes- Shmulik Kraus

Shmulik Kraus, the gifted musician who is considered the father of Israeli rock, passed away unexpectedly in February of 2013, while shooting this film.

He was 77 years old. After Two years of intimate documentation, candid conversations about a former life that ended and the life he’s living now,

difficult questions, sharp answers, and one box full of reels and tapes, rolls of film, photographs and home movies, which come together to form the complex portrait of the man behind the familiar figure.

Documentary film

Director: Adi Harel

Producers: Kobi Holly, Adi Harel and Eran Remler.

Artistic Consulting: Erez Laufer

Script: Adi Harel and John Avisahy

Editor: John Avisahy

Sound Editing: Rotem Dror

Production Year: 2014 (yes Docu)


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